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Who Are We?

We are NICK and SCOTT

Also known as the cheapest guys alive. For us this whole concept is now our hobby. In fact many people also have this as a hobby. Everyday we just list a new offer for free that comes in the form of a product sample that you can sign up for and get daily. Now we have stuff coming in the mail all the time so we never really know what we are going to get. It’s like Christmas everyday and our mailman delivers the goods.

We created this website to let you know that yes getting samples by mail is really not a trick, it can happen. Since many companies want to get you to try their products, they’ll even ship you little trial products so you can try it and hopefully buy it in the feature. This are generally good for one or two uses, but still with the amount of stuff we’ve been getting for free, there is always something cool to try out.

Why Do Companies Give Away Free Samples In The Mail?

We asked ourselves that very same question. The reason? This is just another form of marketing. Don’t worry though this is not a bad thing. They are not trying to manipulate you and the most the most companies want from you is just your address so that they know where to mail your sample. Basically most companies have two options. They can either just pay for some advertising and say hey my product is great. They can also use that same money and send you a tiny product sample in the mail for free so that you for yourself can find out how awesome it really is! This is the so called“try before you buy” method. Most companies have found out that this really works, thus explaining the amount of free samples we’re able to provide here at no cost to you. We also recommend telling your friends since they can get this free stuff too! In fact I send a lot of the offers I get in the mail to my friends so they can have them too.  I mean you could spend hours ordering all the stuff there is out there.